Tenant Hub
Rapid growth to meet increasing
demand caused by homelessness crisis
The Tenant Hub

We expect our tenants to take pride in their surroundings. By promptly reporting problems, we are able make sure issues are resolved in a timely manner. We encourage tenants to treat the property as if it were your own. Items of furniture are provided for your comfort and it is expected that you will treat these items with respect, leaving them in good condition, ready for the next tenant.

Where to go if you need help?
If you discover an issue with your property, make contact with the office in the first instance. They will either offer guidance as to how you can resolve the issue yourself or arrange for one of our maintenance team to attend.

If you feel you need help or support beyond anything relating to your property, please get in touch with your support worker.
Our Mission
As the rate of homelessness increases, our mission is to provide homes to those finding themselves falling on difficult times. Homelessness can fall into various categories and can affect anyone from all walks of life.
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People sleeping rough in 2017.
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In 2008/9-2018/9, funding on homelessness related causes dropped by:
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Percentage of homeless people who have mental health issues.

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Suicide rate is more common in homeless than general public.
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Average time spent in temporary accommodation.
The number people homeless or living in inadequate homes in 2019.